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June 2018 Meeting: Remote Desktop Services in Azure – Notes and Download

Thanks to all that could make it last Thursday! Travis Roberts presented on Remote Desktop Services in Azure including autoscaling, SQL PaaS as th RDS SQL back-end, performance, costs, and much more!

Travis has provided us with his slide deck for public download available here: Scalability-in-an-Azure-IaaS.pptx (297 downloads) . You can follow Travis on Twitter @Ciraltos.

Food was kindly provided by Zerto.

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Now available – Azure DNS private zones now available

Azure DNS private zones provide a simple, reliable, secure DNS service to manage and resolve names in a virtual network, without the need for you to create and manage a custom DNS solution. This new capability lets you use your own company domain rather than the Azure-provided names available today, provides name resolution for virtual machines (VMs) within a single virtual network and across multiple virtual networks. Additionally, you can configure zones names with a split-horizon view, allowing for a private and a public DNS zone to share the same name.

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Source: Azure Roadmap

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In preview – New purchasing model for Azure SQL Database

We're pleased to announce the preview of a new vCore-based purchasing model for Azure SQL Database elastic pools and single databases. The new purchasing model is in addition to the existing DTU-based model. Designed to give you flexibility, control, transparency and an easier way to compare to on-premises workloads, it allows you to scale compute, storage, and IO independently based upon your workload needs. The vCore model is also eligible for up to 30 percent savings with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server.

Learn more about the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server.

Learn more about the new purchasing model. 





Source: Azure Roadmap

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Now available – Azure SQL Database—preview of read scale-out support in premium service

Following the recent announcement of zone-redundant database support, we're further expanding the power of premium databases and elastic pools by including the read scale-out support. This capability redirects the read-only client connections to one of the automatically provisioned HA replicas, and effectively doubles the compute capacity of the database or elastic pool at no additional charge. This is ideal for load-balancing of complex analytical workloads without impacting the primary OLTP workload.

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Source: Azure Roadmap

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Now available – Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer now generally available

Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer provides a rich and unified developer experience for inserting, querying, and managing Azure Cosmos DB data within the Azure portal and the emulator. Data Explorer consolidates the functionality previously available in Document Explorer, Query Explorer, and Script Explorer, so that they can all be done without switching views. With this announcement, Document Explorer, Query Explorer, and Script Explorer will no longer be available in the Azure portal. 


Learn more abouit Cosmos DB Data Explorer.

Source: Azure Roadmap

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Offline media import for Azure

So many customers I talk to want to upload their offline data stores into the cloud. Yet, no one wants to spend hours and hours inserting tapes, connecting older hard disks, or figuring out how to digitize and upload film. Well, I’m excited to announce that together with our partners Microsoft Azure is making it easy with our Offline Media Import Program. This partner-enabled service makes it easy to move data into Azure from almost any media, such as tapes, optical drives, hard disks, or film. 

Why migrate your current storage media to Azure? Azure provides a range of flexible storage options from low-cost, archive storage to high-performance, SSD-based storage. You simply choose the storage tier and we take care of the rest...

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Azure Flash News Episode for 2018-03-30

Show Notes


Rick Weyenberg  email: twitter: @codeboarder

Mark Garner email: twitter: @mgarner


twitter: @azureflashnews


Google Play:


Global Azure Bootcamp

  • A worldwide series of one-day technical learning events for Azure
  • Daylong event hosted in Edina MTC
  • Hosting our own Azure Bootcamp on Friday, April 20th
  • Please Join us!

Learn from experts and play with emerging tech at Microsoft Build

May 7th-9th, Seattle WA – A Sample of some of the topics/workshops offered in...

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December 2017 Meeting: Serverless Computing – Notes and Download

Thank you to all that attended; Joe Koletar did a spectacular job discussing the new Azure serverless computing options from Microsoft including:

  • Functions
  • Webjobs
  • Logic Apps
  • Flow

And much more! Joe also discussed the advantages of the newer Functions platform over traditional WebJobs, and went through the auto-scaling and billing details.

Joe was kind enough to provide us with his slide deck, which can be downloaded here: Joe-Koletar-RBA-Serverless-Computing-Presentation.pdf (304 downloads)

Thank you to Horizontal Integration for sponsoring this event. You can find more about Horizontal Integration here.

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