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New maintenance control features

Increase control over maintenance operations and ensure higher availability for your business-critical applications with two new features now in preview. You can now schedule host maintenance operations in addition to the already available manual updates. Additionally, we are adding the ability for you to control when guest OS image updates on Virtual Machine Scale Sets are rolled out.
Source: Azure Roadmap
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Achieve agility with Azure Data in a changing world

We live in demanding times, and change is happening faster than ever before. Data has always provided important insights into changing contexts, but to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, adding layers of intelligence where AI advances decision making and applies predictive analytics at the edge to unlock new possibilities is pivotal.

At Microsoft Ignite, we shared a number of announcements to help organizations rebuild in a changing world. Following the announcement of Azure Arc in November 2019, we are announcing the preview launch of Azure Arc enabled data services. With this preview, customers can now bring Azure data services to any infrastructure across data centers, edge, or any cloud using Kubernetes on their hardware of choice...

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Achieving business resilience with cloud application development

Over the last six months, organizations of all shapes and sizes have had to suddenly pivot to serve customers, employees, and partners exclusively via digital channels. In this uncertain business environment, we have seen resilient organizations adapt in three dimensions: by supporting remote application development; improving business agility with a focus on Developer Velocity; and by driving cost savings. At Microsoft Ignite, we've shared new capabilities that enable developers and the teams they support to become more resilient with Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Apps.

Creating resilient development teams with remote development

At Build, we shared innovation in our developer tools and services that allow development teams to code, collaborate, and...

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Unlock cost savings and maximize value with new Azure infrastructure innovation

Organizations including ASOS, Keiser University, and Manulife trust and build services on Azure to run their business-critical workloads and support their customers across the world. It’s customers such as these that fuel our desire to innovate. While this desire is ever-present, given the impact of the pandemic in recent months, organizations now more than ever are looking to adopt Microsoft Azure more rapidly to enable remote work, optimize costs, increase efficiency, and innovate.

Today we’re announcing several new Azure infrastructure capabilities that unlock cost savings, increase efficiency, and extend innovation anywhere—directly addressing the challenges we have heard from customers like yourself.

Enable remote work and business continuity

Azure has more than 60 regions worldwide, ...

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