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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 21

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From September 1 to 15, 29 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual Machines

Active Directory Certificate Services 2016 PKI

Active Directory Certificate Services 2016 PKI: Quickly deploy Active Directory Certificate Services 2016 PKI to your Microsoft Azure tenant Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Build a new PKI hierarchy or set up a subordinate certificate authority to an established PKI hierarchy.


Aider-MigrateR: Aider-MigrateR is a specialized virtual machine to assist in the planning and execution of migrations.

Azul Zulu on Ubuntu 18.04

Azul Zulu on Ubuntu 18.04: Azul Zulu is a Java virtual machine that is compliant with the Java SE specification...

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Announcing the public preview of Azure Digital Twins

Last month at our Ignite conference in Orlando, we proudly announced the public preview of Azure Digital Twins, a new platform for comprehensive digital models and spatially aware solutions that can be applied to any physical environment. Today, we take the next step in the journey of simplifying IoT for our customers and are happy to announce that Azure Digital Twins is now officially live.

Starting today, customers and partners can create an Azure account and begin using Azure Digital Twins. We encourage you to explore the content available in the Azure Digital Twins documentation and on the product page. You can also try out the quickstart to begin building your solution with Azure Digital Twins today.

As mentioned in the announcement blog post from last month, Azure Digital Twins allow...

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Detecting fileless attacks with Azure Security Center

As the security solutions get better at detecting attacks, attackers are increasingly employing stealthier methods to avoid detection. In Azure, we regularly see fileless attacks targeting our customers’ endpoints. To avoid detection by traditional antivirus software and other filesystem-based detection mechanisms, attackers inject malicious payloads into memory. Attacker payloads surreptitiously persist within the memory of compromised processes and perform a wide range of malicious activities. 

We are excited to announce the general availability of Security Center’s Fileless Attack Detection. With Fileless Attack Detection, automated memory forensic techniques identify fileless attack toolkits, techniques, and behaviors...

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Sweet updates about Truffle on Azure

Development and deployment of Ethereum based applications, commonly referred to as DApps, can be a challenging task for developers. With over 1 million downloads, Truffle has proven to be a premier suite of tools that can be used for developing smart contracts and DApps for both the public Ethereum network on main-net as well as private consortiums.

Truffle streamlines the process of recognizing changes, migrating them to the underlying blockchain, and providing a framework to allow a rich debugging experience with common step through of code and inspection of low-level components.

The Truffle Suite fits very nicely with the products that Microsoft is building to help developers build end to end solutions on Ethereum. For example, when building solutions leveraging Azure Blockchain Workben...

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New metric in Azure Stream Analytics tracks latency of your streaming pipeline

Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed service for real-time data processing. Stream Analytics jobs read data from input sources like Azure Event Hubs or IoT Hub. They can perform a variety of tasks from simple ETL and archiving to complex event pattern detection and machine learning scoring. Jobs run 24/7 and while Azure Stream Analytics provides 99.9 percent availability SLA, various external issues may impact a streaming pipeline and can have the significant business impact. For this reason, it is important to proactively monitor jobs, quickly identify root causes, and mitigate possible issues. In this blog, we will explain how to leverage the newly introduced output watermark delay to monitor mission-critical streaming jobs.

Challenges affecting streaming pipelines

What are some iss...

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Azure PowerShell – Cross-platform “Az” module replacing “AzureRM”

There is a new Azure PowerShell module, built to harness the power of PowerShell Core and Cloud Shell, and maintain compatibility with PowerShell 5.1. Its name is Az. Az ensures that PowerShell and PowerShell Core users can get the latest Azure tooling in every PowerShell, on every platform. Az also simplifies and normalizes Azure PowerShell cmdlet and module names. Az ships in Azure Cloud Shell and is available from the PowerShell Gallery. 

For complete details on the release, timeline, and compatibility features, please see GitHub announcement page.

Az module features

  • Az is a replacement for AzureRM and AzureRM.Netcore.
  • Az runs on PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell Core.
  • Az is always up to date with the latest tooling for Azure services.
  • Az ships in Cloud Shell.
  • Az shortens and normalizes cm...
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IoT SWC 2018: IoT solutions for the built world

It’s amazing to see how IoT is transforming our customers’ businesses—from optimizing operations and reducing unplanned downtime with companies like Chevron, to powering new connected vehicle experiences as we recently announced with Volkswagen.

Beyond business transformation, IoT has the potential to create more efficient and vibrant cities and communities by providing new insights and approaches to transportation and traffic, energy reduction, construction, utilities, parking, and so much more.

We are continuing to simplify the customer journey for secure, scalable IoT solutions for the cloud and the edge with a large set of announcements last month, including the general availability of Azure IoT Central at our Ignite 2018 conference, and more just last week about bringing intelligence ...

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Ingesting a data stream from NIST manufacturing lab data – Part 2

The Industry Experiences team has recently published a solution guide for extracting insights from existing IoT data. The solution consists of the following components.

  • Ingesting data
  • Hot path processing
  • Cold path processing
  • Analytics clients

This is the second part to a series of blogs that go through those components in detail. Ingestion of data is divided into two parts. This is part 2, where we cover the component that transforms the raw data then posts data records to Azure Event Hubs. For more information, see Creating a data stream from NIST manufacturing lab data – Part 1.

Communication between two microservices

The question is how to make the communication work between the Logic App component and the custom code that transforms the raw data and posts the resulting data records t...

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Azure.Source – Volume 53

Now in preview

Protect data in use with the public preview of Azure confidential computing – Years of work with our silicon vendors have allowed us to bring application isolation technology to hardware in our datacenters to support this new VM family. While these virtual machines may ‘look and feel’ like standard VM sizes from the control plane, they are backed by hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), specifically the latest generation of Intel Xeon Processors with Intel SGX technology. You can now build, deploy, and run applications that protect data confidentiality and integrity in the cloud.

Azure Friday

Azure Friday | Introducing new Azure API Management capabilities – Miao Jiang joins Scott Hanselman discuss the API economy and how companies must master the chal...

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Azure Portal October update

This post was co-authored by Leon Welicki, Principal Group PM Manager.

We heard your feedback loud and clear: it is hard to keep up with Azure’s pace of innovation. How do you learn about anything and everything new about Azure portal?

We’re starting a monthly series to bring to you everything that is new and updated in the Azure Portal and the Azure mobile app. We will specifically cover the areas that affect the user experience and how it affects your daily work.

This blog will not announce new services on Azure or bring you what’s new on specific Azure services. We recommend that you follow service announcements to keep up to date with the news for all Azure services.

Sign in to the Azure Portal now and see everything that’s new. Download the Azure mobile app.

With that, here’s a list o...

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