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Microsoft named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms

Embracing digital transformation in Industrial IoT requires companies to rethink and shift business models and operations. Doing so, however, has become more difficult in the past six months due to production slowdowns, restrictions on employee movement with social distancing, and rapidly shifting market demands. Yet for many companies, the industry disruptions caused by COVID-19 have actually accelerated integral transformation in emerging technology directly linked to IoT, such as AI and edge computing. Manufacturers preparing for the future are rapidly building their operations around a digital core and actively integrating their value chain to the whole supply chain, doing so to increase efficiency and production capacity.

This why we are sharing that Gartner has positioned Microsoft a...

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Unlocking the power of health data for better care

As healthcare providers have faced unprecedented workloads (individually and institutionally) around the world, the pandemic response continues to cause seismic shifts in how, where, and when care is provided. Longer-term, it has revealed the need for fundamental shifts across the care continuum. As a physician, I have seen first-hand the challenges of not having the right data, at the right time, in the right format to make informed shared decisions with my patients. These challenges amplify the urgency for trusted partners and solutions to help solve emergent health challenges.

Today we’re taking a big step forward to address these challenges with the general availability of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare...

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Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – October 2020

Whether you're a new student, thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you're spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is where Azure Cost Management and Billing comes in.

We're always looking for ways to learn more about your challenges and how Azure Cost Management and Billing can help you better understand where you're accruing costs in the cloud, identify and prevent bad spending patterns, and optimize costs to empower you to do more with less. Here are a few of the latest improvements and updates based on your feedback:

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Migrate your Hadoop data lakes with WANDisco LiveData Platform for Azure

It’s no secret that organizations consider data as one of their most valuable assets and are investing to build their capability for data-driven decision making. It is challenging to manage a flexible and cost-effective data estate on-premises, and we are seeing customers embrace Azure for its best-in-class analytics solutions rapidly. However, migrating analytics workloads can be complex and challenging. The thought of moving large volumes of critical business data has often been too daunting or too expensive for a lot of enterprises. Add to that the challenges inherent in updating all the existing data ingestion and consumption pipelines from your traditional Hadoop environment, and it’s no surprise that many organizations have been reticent to begin their cloud migration.

We are delight...

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Microsoft unlocks the full potential of the smart building ecosystem

It is impossible to understate the profound impacts the events of 2020 have had on the real estate industry. Buildings of all kinds, from commercial offices to retail, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and more, remain in need of transformative solutions that will enable employees to return to work safely. In times of crisis, it is innovation that transforms challenges into opportunities.

Microsoft has maintained a steadfast focus to deliver new technology innovations that enable our ecosystem of partners and enterprise customers to create new smart building scenarios that will not only allow reopening of buildings, but provide lasting value for property owners, managers, tenants, and occupants.

Realcomm | IBcon, the “Smart, Connected, High Performance Intelligent Buildings Conference” is a...

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Quickly get started with samples in Azure Synapse Analytics

Get started immediately on your first project with the new Knowledge center in the Azure Synapse Studio.

To further accelerate time to insight in Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, we are introducing the Knowledge center to simplify access to pre-loaded sample data and to streamline the getting started process for data professionals. You can now create or use existing Spark and SQL pools, connect to and query Azure Open Datasets, load sample scripts and notebooks, access pipeline templates, and tour the Azure Synapse Studio—all from one place.

Azure Synapse Studio displaying the Knowledge center.

The Knowledge center can be accessed from the Azure Synapse Studio Homepage under Useful links or by clicking the Question mark icon on the Navigation bar.

Azure Synapse workspace homepage displaying where to access the Knowledge center, from both useful links and the help bar in the main navigation.

Use samples immediately

The Knowledge center offers several one-click tutorials that create ...

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Introducing the Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter

We designed the Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) for customers who need cloud computing capabilities in hybrid or challenging environments, including remote areas. This announcement is complemented by our Azure Space offerings and partnerships that can extend satellite connectivity anywhere in the world. Scenarios range from mobile command centers, humanitarian assistance, military mission needs, mineral exploration, and other use cases requiring high intensity, secure computing on Azure.

The MDC can give customers a path to migrate apps to Azure while still running these workloads on-premises with low-latency connections to their own datacenter...

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Solving IoT device security at scale through standards

Edge Compute Node protection profile (ECN PP)—now available—guides you to engineer, claim, evaluate, and consume device security for IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) solution builders these days are more likely to deploy IoT solutions with unsecured devices because they cannot verify device security claims from device makers.

Solution builders could create secured devices themselves, however they don’t because they either lack domain expertise or simply prefer to buy devices off-the-shelf. Device makers possess the requisite expertise to secure devices, but lack ability to convey details.

For example, language constructs such as conveying computation, storage, and power profiles of an Industrial PC (IPC), are simply not available for security...

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Gain real-time insights on Oracle E-Business Suite data with Azure and Incorta

Insights that are frequently sought after in an organization are often locked in business-critical systems. These systems power functions such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and operations. While the data these applications produce can tell the complete business story, organizations struggle to coalesce the data and deliver valuable analytics on top of them. It requires months and even years of work to redefine business logic or migrate existing applications in the attempt to have scalable, real-time analytics. On top of that, many legacy systems don’t provide APIs for easy connection to modern analytics tools, which further stagnates access to quick insights.

To enable companies to gain real-time insights on the critical data in their Oracle E-Business Suite, we are announcin...

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Zone Redundancy for Azure Cache for Redis now in preview

Between waves of pandemics, hurricanes, and wildfires, you don’t need cloud infrastructure adding to your list of worries this year. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to ensure your Azure deployments stay resilient. Availability zones are one of the best ways to mitigate risks from outages and disasters. With that in mind, we are announcing the preview for zone redundancy in Azure Cache for Redis.

Availability Zones on Azure

Azure Availability Zones are geographically isolated datacenter locations within an Azure region, providing redundant power, cooling, and networking...

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