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October 2018 Meeting: Azure Resource Manager Concepts – Notes and Download

We were honored to host Microsoft’s Brian Moore to discuss Azure Resource Manager concepts and template usage. Brian covered declarative infrastructure, ARM template usage, concepts and best practices.

Brian was kind enough to share his slide deck, which you can download here: AzureRM-Intro-With-Templates-MN-UG.pptx (322 downloads)

Food was kindly provided by ThousandEyes. Thanks to all that attended!

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June 2018 Meeting: Remote Desktop Services in Azure – Notes and Download

Thanks to all that could make it last Thursday! Travis Roberts presented on Remote Desktop Services in Azure including autoscaling, SQL PaaS as th RDS SQL back-end, performance, costs, and much more!

Travis has provided us with his slide deck for public download available here: Scalability-in-an-Azure-IaaS.pptx (333 downloads) . You can follow Travis on Twitter @Ciraltos.

Food was kindly provided by Zerto.

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December 2017 Meeting: Serverless Computing – Notes and Download

Thank you to all that attended; Joe Koletar did a spectacular job discussing the new Azure serverless computing options from Microsoft including:

  • Functions
  • Webjobs
  • Logic Apps
  • Flow

And much more! Joe also discussed the advantages of the newer Functions platform over traditional WebJobs, and went through the auto-scaling and billing details.

Joe was kind enough to provide us with his slide deck, which can be downloaded here: Joe-Koletar-RBA-Serverless-Computing-Presentation.pdf (345 downloads)

Thank you to Horizontal Integration for sponsoring this event. You can find more about Horizontal Integration here.

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