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Native Python support on Azure App Service on Linux: new public preview!

We’re excited to officially announce the public preview of the built-in Python images for Azure App Service on Linux, a much requested feature by our customers. Developers can get started today deploying Python Web Apps to the cloud, on a fully-managed environment running on top of the Linux operating system.

This new preview runtime adds to a list of growing stacks supported by Azure App Service on Linux, which includes also Node.js, .NET Core, PHP, Java SE, Tomcat, and Ruby. With the choice of Python 3.7, 3.6 and soon 2.7, developers can get started quickly and deploy Python applications to the cloud, including Django and Flask, and leverage the full suite of features of Azure App Service on Linux...

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Azure Monitor for containers now generally available

We are happy to announce that Azure Monitor for containers is now generally available. Azure Monitor for containers monitors the health and performance of Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Since the launch of the public preview at Build in May 2018, we have seen a lot of excitement from customers. Customers love the fact that you can enable monitoring as soon as you create an AKS cluster and get all the monitoring telemetry in a centralized location in Azure without having to login to containers or rely on other tools. Since the public preview, we have been adding more capabilities and refining the experience based on your feedback. Let’s look at some of the recent changes.

Multi-cluster view – You often have multiple AKS clusters to manage...

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KubeCon North America 2018: Serverless Kubernetes and community led innovation!

Welcome to KubeCon North America 2018, and welcome to Seattle. It’s amazing to get the chance to welcome you to my hometown, and the site of Kubernetes birth. It was barely five years ago that Joe, Craig, and I had the first small ideas and demos that eventually turned into the amazing project and community. I’m honored that all of you over the years have chosen to invest your time, energy, and enthusiasm in Kubernetes, whether this is your first KubeCon or you’ve been here since the first one in San Francisco four years ago, welcome!

For the Azure Kubernetes team, KubeCon is especially exciting...

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A hybrid approach to Kubernetes

We’re excited to see everyone at Kubecon this week! We’ve been working with our customers to understand how they’re thinking about Kubernetes and what we can do to make it easier for them. Azure Stack unleashes new hybrid capabilities for developing applications. You design, develop, and maintain your applications just like you do with Azure and you can deploy to any of the Azure clouds. Your application’s location becomes a configuration parameter rather than a design constraint.

So how does Azure Stack work with containers exactly? The way that containers and hybrid cloud work together can allow you to solve many problems. You can create a set of apps in containers using the languages you love like NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and many others...

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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 26

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. During September and October, 149 new consulting offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Consulting Services

Hashmap Logo  1-Day Big Data Cloud Migration Workshop: This one-day workshop from Hashmap is for business and technical leaders and key stakeholders, and it's held at the client's facility. Receive guidance and assistance in defining services and the overall solution.
 Catapult logo 2-Week Azure Assessment: Assess your current datacenter environment (up to 100 VMs) and receive optimization recommendations for a cloud migration. An Azure architect from Catapult Systems will review the results of an assessment tool and provide recommendations.
 Black Marble logo 3 Day Cloud Adoption Workshop: Black Marble'...
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Automatic performance monitoring in Azure SQL Data Warehouse (preview)

Monitoring and managing the performance of your data warehouse is critical to the overall health of your data estate. With the increase in data and query velocities, tracking query metrics pertaining to usage frequency, resource consumption, or regressions can impact your ability to efficiently draw meaningful insights from your data.

To increase your efficiency, we’re excited to reveal the preview of Query Store for Azure SQL Data Warehouse for both our Gen1 and Gen2 offers. Query Store is designed to help you with query performance troubleshooting by tracking queries, query plans, runtime statistics, and query history to help you monitor the activity and performance of your data warehouse. Query Store is a set of internal stores and Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that allow you to:

  • Ide...
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