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Reservations now available for US Government cloud regions

Reservations are now generally available for US government Azure customers. Reservations are available for virtual machines, SQL Server and Cosmos DB for US Government and US DoD Azure regions.

Reservations can help you save money on workloads that have consistent usage, providing price predictability to support your budgeting and forecasting needs. Also, reservations provide unprecedented flexibility should your business need change. We’ve made it easy to exchange your reservations and make changes including the ability to modify your region, sizes or term. Unlike other cloud providers, you can cancel reservations at any time and get a refund...

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Modernize your commerce platform with Rapid Commerce solution

Today’s consumers are using more devices and channels to interact with retailers than ever before. Seamless service across all channels is the expectation, not the exception. Digital-first brands are raising the bar for hyper-personalized experiences through their test-and-learn approach to rapid delivery of modern commerce capabilities. As we all know, traditional brick and mortar retailers are under significant pressure due to high fixed costs associated with managing traditional store infrastructure, material decreases, and flat year-over-year comp-store revenue. A consequence of this pressure is the inability to innovate and create new, competitive user experiences. One answer to this problem is the introduction of a new service on the Azure Marketplace.

You say monoliths, I say micros...

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The power of cloud: Microsoft Azure Marketplace showcases Credit Analytics

One of the biggest challenges banks and financial service organizations face is the sheer volume involved with monitoring and managing thousands and thousands of loans. Events like weather, earthquakes, geo-economic swings, and political shifts make it difficult to analyze the impacts on capital reserves, service operations, and more. Lending is a tough business as it is, but when banks struggle to understand how the various characteristics and risks associated with each loan and loan segments impact exposures and limits on risk pools, on-prem solutions often lack the scalability and processing power to tell the full story. Banks need a flexible and expandable solution to facilitate the analysis of exposure and risk by providing transparency and actionable insights.

What is the Credit Anal...

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Parameterize connections to your data stores in Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory (ADF) enables you to do hybrid data movement from 70 plus data stores in a serverless fashion. Often users want to connect to multiple data stores of the same type. For example, you might want to connect to 10 different databases in your Azure SQL Server and the only difference between those 10 databases is the database name. You can now parameterize the linked service in your Azure Data Factory. In this case, you can parameterize the database name in your ADF linked service instead of creating 10 separate linked services corresponding to the 10 Azure SQL databases. This reduces overhead and improves manageability for your data factories. You can then dynamically pass the database names at runtime. Simply create a new linked service and click Add Dynamic Content undernea...

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