Azure Flash News Episode for 2019-03-15

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Achieve more with Microsoft Game Stack

  • Microsoft is built on the belief of empowering people and organizations to achieve more – it is the DNA of our company. Today we are announcing a new initiative, Microsoft Game Stack, in which we commit to bringing together Microsoft tools and services that will empower game developers like yourself, whether you’re an indie developer just starting out or a AAA studio, to achieve more.

Simplify disaster recovery with Managed Disks for VMware and physical servers

  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now supports disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines and physical servers by directly replicating to Managed Disks. Beginning in March 2019 and moving forward, all new protections have this capability available on the Azure portal. In order to enable replication for a machine, you no longer need to create storage accounts. You can now write replication data directly to a type of Managed Disk. The choice of Managed Disk type should be based on the data change rate on your source disks. Available options are Standard HDD, Standard SSD and Premium SSD.

Azure Databricks – New capabilities at lower cost

  • We have seen tremendous adoption of Azure Databricks and today we are excited to announce new capabilities that we are bringing to market.

Simplifying your environment setup while meeting compliance needs with built-in Azure Blueprints

  • I’m excited to announce the release of our first Azure Blueprint built specifically for a compliance standard, the ISO 27001 Shared Services blueprint sample which maps a set of foundational Azure infrastructure, such as virtual networks and policies, to specific ISO controls.

Azure Blueprints Demo with Mike Benkovich

  • Live Demo of Blueprints with Mike Benkovich


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