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Analyze data in Azure Data Explorer using KQL magic for Jupyter Notebook

  • We are excited to announce KQL magic commands which extends the functionality of the Python kernel in Jupyter Notebook. KQL magic allows you to write KQL queries natively and query data from Microsoft Azure Data Explorer. You can easily interchange between Python and KQL, and visualize data using rich library integrated with KQL render commands. KQL magic supports Azure Data Explorer, Application Insights, and Log Analytics as data sources to run queries against.

Regulatory compliance dashboard in Azure Security Center now available

  • Meeting regulatory compliance obligations and complying with all the requirements of benchmark standards can be a significant challenge in a cloud or hybrid environment. Identifying which assessments to perform, evaluating the status, and resolving the gaps can be a very daunting task. Azure Security Center (ASC) now helps streamline this process with the new regulatory compliance dashboard, which was recently released to public preview.
  • The regulatory compliance dashboard provides insight into your compliance posture for a set of supported standards and regulations, based on continuous assessments of your Azure environment.

Announcing the preview of OpenAPI Specification v3 support in Azure API Management

  • Azure API Management has just introduced preview support of OpenAPI Specification v3 – the latest version of the broadly used open-source standard of describing APIs. Implementation of the feature is based on the OpenAPI.NET SDK.

Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs expand availability

  • The Azure Messaging team is continually working to enhance the resiliency and availability of our service offerings – Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Event Grid. As part of this effort, in June 2018, we previewed Azure Service Bus Premium tier for Availability Zones and Azure Event Hubs Standard tier in 3 regions – Central US, East US 2, and France Central.
  • Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added Availability Zones support for Azure Service Bus Premium and Azure Event Hubs Standard

Security for healthcare through cloud agents and virtual patching

  • Healthcare organizations depend on data-driven decisions. To enable better decisions and better health outcomes, healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud. There, the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics can be more easily tested and implemented. For a healthcare organization, security and protection of data is a primary value, but solutions can be attacked from a variety of vectors such as malware, ransomware, and other exploits. The attack surface of an organization could be complex, email and web browsers are immediate targets of sophisticated hackers. One Microsoft Azure partner is devoted to protecting healthcare organizations despite the complexity of the attack surface. XentIT (ex-ent-it) leverages two other security services with deep capabilities and adds its own expertise to create a dashboard-driven security solution that lets healthcare organizations better monitor and protect all assets.

HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code now generally available

  • We are pleased to announce the general availability for Azure HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code (VSCode). HDInsight Tools for VSCode give developers a cross-platform lightweight code editor for developing HDInsight PySpark and Hive batch jobs and interactive query.
  • For PySpark developers who value the productivity Python enables, HDInsight Tools for VSCode offer a quick Python editor with simple getting started experiences, and allow you to submit PySpark statements to HDInsight clusters with interactive responses. This interactivity brings the best properties of Python and Spark to developers and empowers you to gain faster insights.
  • For Hive developers, HDInsight tools for VSCode offer great data warehouse query experiences for big data and helpful features in querying log files and gaining insights.


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