Azure Flash News Episode for 2018-12-21

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Generally Available Virtual Network Service Endpoints for serverless messaging and big data

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Azure Backup can automatically protect SQL databases in Azure VM through auto-protect

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  • An addition to the public preview of Azure Backup for SQL Server on Azure VM
  • Automatically detect and protect each new database you add to a SQL instance
  • Protect all the databases in a standalone SQL Server instance or a SQL Server Always On availability group.

Azure PowerShell ‘Az’ Module version 1.0

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  • New Azure PowerShell module, 'Az'
  • Included with CloudShell and available in PowerShell Gallery
  • Users are not required to migrate from AzureRM, as it will continue to be supported. However, it is important to note that all new Azure PowerShell features will appear only in ‘Az’
  • Az 1.0 Migration Guide.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with customer managed keys for Managed Instance

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  • Bring Your Own Key for TDE with SQL Managed Instance
  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations that require implementation of specific key management controls
  • Supports Azure Key Vault
  • When the TDE Protector is rotated, Azure SQL Database detects the new key version within minutes and re-encrypts the DEK used to encrypt data stored in databases
  • Can also revoke access to encrypted managed instances by revoking access to the managed instance’s TDE Protector stored in Azure Key Vault

Transforming your data in Azure SQL Database to columnstore format

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  • Public preview of new feature in Azure SQL and SQL Managed Instance, CLUSTERED COLUMNSTORE ONLINE INDEX build
  • Migrate your data stored in row-store format to the columnstore format with minimal downtime
  • Perform the transformation without blocking incoming transactions
  • Existing clustered columnstore indexes can be rebuilt in the online mode
  • Non-clustered indexes on the tables organized in columnstore format can be rebuilt using the online option


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