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Cross-channel emotion analysis in Microsoft Video Indexer

  • Many different customers across industries want to have insights into the emotional moments that appear in different parts of their media content. For broadcasters, this can help create more impactful promotion clips and drive viewers to their content; in the sales industry it can be super useful for analyzing sales calls and improve convergence; in advertising it can help identify the best moment to pop up an ad, and the list goes on and on. To that end, we are excited to share Video Indexer’s (VI) new machine learning model that mimics humans’ behavior to detect four cross-cultural emotional states in videos: anger, fear, joy, and sadness.

Bringing digital ledger interoperability to Nasdaq Financial Framework through Microsoft Azure Blockchain

  • To better serve its global clientele, Nasdaq re-architected its enterprise offerings and released the Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF) in 2016. The Framework’s modular design leverages a single operational core that powers a vast portfolio of business applications and services across the trading lifecycle, enabling Nasdaq customers to easily add, remove and amend their mission-critical technology stack without the cost and complexity associated with monolithic infrastructure systems.To accelerate Nasdaq’s blockchain capabilities aligned with the industry’s rising demand, the company is integrating the Nasdaq Financial Framework with Microsoft Azure Blockchain to build a ledger agnostic blockchain capability that supports a multi-ledger strategy.

Deliver the right events to the right places with Event Domains

  • As we continue to see our community grow around Event Grid, many of you have started to explore the boundaries of complexity and scale that can be achieved. We’ve been blown away with some of the system architectures we have seen built on top of the platform.
  • In order to make your life easier with some of these scenarios, we decided to dedicate much of the last few months to building two features we are very excited to announce today: advanced filters, and Event Domains – a managed platform for publishing events to all of your customers. In addition, we’ve been working to improve the developer experience and make Event Grid available in Azure Government regions.

Solution Architecture Time!

  • Let's talk about blurring the lines between IaaS and PaaS so you can treat cattle like they are supposed to be treated.

Simplified restore experience for Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Backup now offers an improved restore experience for Azure Virtual Machines by leveraging the power of ARM templates and Azure Managed Disks. The new restore experience directly creates managed disk(s) and virtual machine (VM) templates. This eliminates the manual process of executing scripts or PowerShell commands to convert and configure the .VHD file, and complete the restore operation. There is zero manual intervention after the restore is triggered making it truly a single-click operation for restoring IaaS VMs
  • In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, naming conventions of the restored disks are now more intuitive to identify the virtual machine associated with the disks during restore operations. The naming conventions are carefully chosen according to the restore path selected by the user namely “Create new” and “Restore disks”.

What's new in PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

  • At Microsoft Ignite 2018, PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell became generally available. Azure Cloud Shell provides an interactive, browser-accessible, authenticated shell for managing Azure resources from virtually anywhere. With multiple access points, including the Azure portal, the stand-alone experience, Azure documentation, the Azure mobile app, and the Azure Account Extension for Visual Studio Code, you can easily gain access to PowerShell in Cloud Shell to manage and deploy Azure resources.

Local testing with live data means faster development with Azure Stream Analytics

  • We are excited to announce that live data local testing is now available for public preview in Azure Stream Analytics Visual Studio tools. Have you ever thought of being able to test Azure Stream Analytics queries logic with live data without running in the cloud? Are you excited by the possibility of not having to wait for your queries to deploy and other round-trip delays? Well, this enhancement lets you test your queries locally while using live data streams from cloud sources such as Azure Event Hubs, IoT Hub or Blob storage.


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