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Approve, audit support access requests to VMs using Customer Lockbox for Azure

  • There are very few instances, such as a debugging remote access issue, where a Microsoft Support Engineer requires elevated permissions to resolve this issue. In such cases, Microsoft engineers use just-in-time access service that provides limited, time-bound authorization with access limited to the service. While Microsoft has always obtained customer consent for access, Customer Lockbox now gives customers the ability to review and approve or deny such requests from Azure Portal. Until the request is approved, Microsoft Support Engineer will not be granted access.

Seven best practices for Continuous Monitoring with Azure Monitor

  • Whether you are a developer, site reliability engineer, IT Ops specialist, program manager, or a DevOps practitioner monitoring is something you definitely care about! With modern applications evolving from an on-premises world to becoming more hybrid or microservices based, there is also a need to evolve skill sets and adopt some best practices for a successful monitoring strategy on a hybrid/public cloud.

Azure Availability Zones expand with new services and to new regions

  • Azure Availability Zones are physically separate locations within an Azure region protecting customers’ applications and data from datacenter-level failures. Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of Availability Zones. We are now excited to reveal the continued expansion of Availability Zones into additional regions, North Europe and West US 2. This expanded coverage enables customers operating in the Europe and Western United States to build and run applications that require low-latency synchronous replication with protection from datacenter-level failures. With the combination of Availability Zones and region pairs, customers can create a comprehensive business continuity strategy with data residency in their geography of choice.

Azure Cosmos DB partitioning design patterns – Part 1

  • In this article, you will learn how to use partition keys to efficiently distribute data, improve application performance, and enable faster look-up. The pre-requisites of this article are general knowledge of Azure Cosmos DB and a good understanding of change feed, request unit (RU), and Azure Functions.

Control and improve your security posture with Azure Secure score

  • Last month at Ignite, we announced that Secure score is a security analytics tool that provides visibility of your organization’s security posture and helps to answer the most important question, “how secure is my workload?” Secure score takes into consideration the severity and the impact of the recommendation. Based on that information, it assigns a numerical value to show how fixing this recommendation can improve your security posture.

Query Azure Storage analytics logs in Azure Log Analytics

  • Log Analytics is a service that collects telemetry and other data from a variety of sources and provide a query language for advanced analytics. After you post logging data to Log Analytics workspace with HTTP Data Collector API, you are able to query logs for troubleshooting, visualize the data for monitoring, or even create alerts based on log search. For more details, see Log Analytics.
  • Tighter integration with Log Analytics makes troubleshooting storage operations much easier. In this blog, we share how to convert Azure Storage analytics logs and post to Azure Log Analytics workspace. Then, you can use analysis features in Log Analytics for Azure Storage (Blob, Table, and Queue).


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