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Detecting fileless attacks with Azure Security Center

  • As the security solutions get better at detecting attacks, attackers are increasingly employing stealthier methods to avoid detection. In Azure, we regularly see fileless attacks targeting our customers’ endpoints. To avoid detection by traditional antivirus software and other filesystem-based detection mechanisms, attackers inject malicious payloads into memory. Attacker payloads surreptitiously persist within the memory of compromised processes and perform a wide range of malicious activities.

Ingesting a data stream from NIST manufacturing lab data – Part 2

  • The Industry Experiences team has recently published a solution guide for extracting insights from existing IoT data. The solution consists of the following components.

    • Ingesting data
    • Hot path processing
    • Cold path processing
    • Analytics clients
  • This is the second part to a series of blogs that go through those components in detail. Ingestion of data is divided into two parts. This is part 2, where we cover the component that transforms the raw data then posts data records to Azure Event Hubs. For more information, see Creating a data stream from NIST manufacturing lab data – Part 1.

Azure Portal October update

  • We heard your feedback loud and clear: it is hard to keep up with Azure’s pace of innovation. How do you learn about anything and everything new about Azure portal?We’re starting a monthly series to bring to you everything that is new and updated in the Azure Portal and the Azure mobile app. We will specifically cover the areas that affect the user experience and how it affects your daily work.This blog will not announce new services on Azure or bring you what’s new on specific Azure services. We recommend that you follow service announcements to keep up to date with the news for all Azure services.

Microsoft joins Open Invention Network to help protect Linux and open source

  • I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft is joining the Open Invention Network (“OIN”), a community dedicated to protecting Linux and other open source software programs from patent risk.We know Microsoft’s decision to join OIN may be viewed as surprising to some; it is no secret that there has been friction in the past between Microsoft and the open source community over the issue of patents. For others who have followed our evolution, we hope this announcement will be viewed as the next logical step for a company that is listening to customers and developers and is firmly committed to Linux and other open source programs. 

Ephemeral OS Disk in limited preview

  • Ephemeral OS Disk is ideal for stateless workloads that require consistent read/write latency to OS disk, as well as frequent reimage operations to reset the VM(s) to the original state. This includes workloads such as website applications, game server hosting services, VM pools, computation, jobs and more. Ephemeral OS Disk also works well for workloads that are leveraging low-priority VM scale sets.

Microsoft joins LOT Network, helping protect developers against patent assertions

  • We are pleased to announce that Microsoft is joining the LOT Network, a growing, non-profit community of companies that is helping to lead the way toward addressing the patent troll problem, an issue that impacts businesses of all sizes.


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