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Immutable storage for Azure Storage Blobs now generally available

  • Financial Services organizations regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and more are required to retain business-related communications in a Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) or immutable state that ensures they are non-erasable and non-modifiable for a specific retention interval. The immutable storage requirement is not limited to financial organizations but also applies to industries such as healthcare, insurance, media, public safety, and legal services.
  • Today, we are excited to reveal the general availability of immutable storage for Azure Storage Blobs to address this requirement. The feature is available in all Azure public regions. Through configurable policies, users can keep Azure Blob storage data in an immutable state where Blobs can be created and read, but not modified or deleted.

Programmatically onboard and manage your subscriptions in Azure Security Center

  • Securing your Azure workloads has become easier with the release of Azure Security Center (ASC) official PowerShell Module!

How Security Center and Log Analytics can be used for Threat Hunting

  • Organizations today are constantly under attack. Azure Security Center (ASC) uses advanced analytics and global threat intelligence to detect malicious threats, and the new capabilities that our product team is adding everyday empower our customers to respond quickly to these threats.
  • However, just having great tools that alert about the threats and attacks is not enough. The reality is that no security tool can detect 100 percent of the attack. In addition, many of the tools that raise alerts are optimized for low false positive rates. Hence, they might miss some suspicious outlier activity in your environment which could have been flagged and investigated. This is something that Security Center and the Azure Log Analytics team understands. The product has built-in features that you can use to launch your investigations and hunting campaigns in addition to responding to alerts that it triggers.

Kickstart your artificial intelligence/machine learning journey with the Healthcare Blueprint

  • Azure blueprints are far more than models drawn on paper or solution descriptions in a document. They are packages of scripts, data, and other artifacts needed to install and exercise a reference implementation solution on Azure. The Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint – HIPAA/HITRUST Health Data and AI is one such blueprint targeting a specific scenario common in healthcare.

Introducing Azure DevOps


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