Azure Flash News Episode for 2018-09-10

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Introducing Azure DevOps

  • Today we are announcing Azure DevOps. Working with our customers and developers around the world, it’s clear DevOps has become increasingly critical to a team’s success. Azure DevOps captures over 15 years of investment and learnings in providing tools to support software development teams. In the last month, over 80,000 internal Microsoft users and thousands of our customers, in teams both small and large, used these services to ship products to you.

Announcing Azure Pipelines with unlimited CI/CD minutes for open source

  • With the introduction of Azure DevOps today, we’re offering developers a new CI/CD service called Azure Pipelines that enables you to continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform or cloud. It has cloud-hosted agents for Linux, macOS, and Windows, powerful workflows with native container support, and flexible deployments to Kubernetes, VMs, and serverless environments.

Azure Content Spotlight – Migrate Apps to Azure

  • his weeks content spotlight is about App migration to Azure. The Cloud is changing the way applications are architected. Instead of monoliths, applications are decomposed into smaller services. These services communicate with each other through APIs or using asynchronous messaging. They can scale horizontally, so new instances can be added and removed easily. Deployments must be automated and monitoring is critical for gaining insights into the applications. And this all can be realized without the need to bother about the underlying infrastructure.This changing way of designing and architecting applications, introduces new architectural patterns and best practices for building apps on the Azure cloud platform. Below is a set of resources which can help software architects and developers gaining insights about the different services and resources Azure has to offer to compose your applications. It also provides different patterns and best practices on how to design your applications.

Exciting new capabilities on Azure HDInsight

  • Friends of Azure HDInsight, it's been a busy summer. I wanted to summarize several noteworthy enhancements we’ve recently brought to HDInsight. We have even more exciting releases coming up at Ignite so please stay tuned!
  • Updates:

    • Apache Phoenix and Zeppelin integration
    • Oozie support in HDInsight enterprise security package
    • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 integration
    • ML Services 9.3 and open-source R capabilities on HDInsight
    • Virtual Network Service Endpoints support
    • Kafka 1.0 and 1.1 support
    • Support for Spark 2.3
    • Move large data sets to Azure using WANDisco on Azure HDInsight


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