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Sharing a self-hosted Integration Runtime infrastructure with multiple Data Factories

  • The Integration Runtime (IR) is the compute infrastructure used by Azure Data Factory to provide data integration capabilities across different network environments. If you need to perform data integration and orchestration securely in a private network environment, which does not have a direct line-of-sight from the public cloud environment, you can install a self-hosted IR on premises behind your corporate firewall, or inside a virtual private network.Until now, you were required to create at least one such compute infrastructure in every Data Factory by design for hybrid and on-premise data integration capabilities. Which implies if you have ten such data factories being used by different project teams to access on-premise data stores and orchestrate inside VNet, you would have to create ten self-hosted IR infrastructures, adding additional cost and management concerns to the IT teams.

Cross-subscription disaster recovery for Azure virtual machines

  • Today, we are glad to announce cross-subscription disaster recovery (DR) support for Azure virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). You can now configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to a different subscription with in the same Azure Active Directory tenant.An Azure subscription is the basic unit where all Azure resources are contained. It also defines several limits within Azure, such as number of cores, resources, etc. Many organizations use multiple Azure subscriptions in their Azure account for billing or management purposes. For example, some organizations use different subscriptions for production, staging and disaster recovery environments for ease of management and to adhere to the subscription quota limits. With the new capability, you can replicate your virtual machines a different Azure region of your choice within a geographical cluster across subscriptions. This helps you meet the business continuity and disaster recover requirements for your IaaS applications without altering subscription topology of your Azure environment.

Keeping shelves stocked and consumers happy (and shopping!)

  • Being a working parent of two young children, I try to limit how much time I spend on household errands. I am one of those shoppers who has become conditioned to shopping based on convenience and ease. Availability of the products I want, and need must be available to me via all channels I shop — always! There is nothing more frustrating than shopping online to have my order cancelled because it can’t be fulfilled or shopping in store and finding the shelf empty. Sometimes I can delay my purchase. But if not, I either look for an alternative product or I’ll take my business to another retailer. Either way, it means I’m taking my dollars elsewhere, and both the local retailer and consumer brand lose a sale and potentially long-term relationship should out-of-stock be a regular occurrence.To determine how to solve out-of-stocks with a SKU assortment optimization solution, read the Inventory optimization through SKU Assortment + machine learning use case. This document provides options for solving the out-of-stock challenge and a solution overview leveraging Azure Services, including an approach by Neal Analytics, Microsoft 2017 Global Partner of the Year for business analytics. 

Turn your whiteboard sketches to working code in seconds with Sketch2Code

  • User interface design process involves a lot a creativity that starts on a whiteboard where designers share ideas. Once a design is drawn, it is usually captured within a photograph and manually translated into some working HTML wireframe to play within a web browser. This takes efforts and delays the design process. What if a design is refactored on the whiteboard and the browser reflects changes instantly? In that sense, by the end of the session there is a resulting prototype validated between the designer, developer, and customer. Introducing Sketch2Code, a web based solution that uses AI to transform a handwritten user interface design from a picture to a valid HTML markup code.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud for high performance computing

  • We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure CycleCloud, a tool for creating, managing, operating, and optimizing HPC clusters of any scale in Azure.With Azure CycleCloud, we are making it even easier for everyone to deploy, use, and optimize HPC burst, hybrid, or cloud-only clusters. For users running traditional HPC clusters, using schedulers including SLURM, PBS Pro, Grid Engine, LSF, HPC Pack, or HTCondor, this will be the easiest way to get clusters up and running in the cloud, and manage the compute/data workflows, user access, and costs for their HPC workloads over time.With a few clicks, HPC IT administrators can deploy high-performance clusters of compute, storage, filesystem, and application capability in Azure. Azure CycleCloud’s role-based policies and governance features make it easy for their organizations to deliver the hybrid compute power where needed while avoiding runaway costs. Users can rely on Azure CycleCloud to orchestrate their job and data workflows across these clusters.


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