Azure Flash News Episode for 2018-08-17

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Announcing VNet service endpoints general availability for MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • We recently made Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL generally available. These services offer the community versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL with built-in high availability, a 99.99 percent availability SLA, elastic scaling for performance, and industry-leading security and compliance on Azure. Since general availability, we have continued to bring new features and capabilities like increased storage and availability across more regions worldwide.
  • We are excited to announce the general availability of Virtual Network (VNet) service endpoints for Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL in all regions where the service is available for General Purpose and Memory Optimized servers.

New customizations in Azure Migrate to support your cloud migration

  • You can accelerate your cloud migration using intelligent migration assessment services like Azure Migrate. Azure Migrate is a generally available service, offered at no additional charge, that helps you plan your migration to Azure.
  • Azure Migrate discovers servers in your on-premises environment and assesses each discovered server’s readiness to run as an IaaS VM in Azure. In addition to Azure readiness, it helps you identify the right VM size in Azure after considering the utilization history of the on-premises VM. Azure Migrate also provides cost analysis for running the on-premises VMs in Azure. Additionally, if you have legacy applications, identifying the servers that constitute your application can become very complex. Azure Migrate helps you visualize dependencies of your on-premises VMs, so you can create high-confidence move groups and ensure that you are not leaving anything behind when you are moving to Azure.
  • Reserved Instances (RI), VM series, Storage type, VM uptime, Azure Government, Windows Server 2008 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Azure #HDInsight Interactive Query: simplifying big data analytics architecture

  • One of the most exciting new features of Hive 2 is Low Latency Analytics Processing (LLAP), which produces significantly faster queries on raw data stored in commodity storage systems such as Azure Blob store or Azure Data Lake Store.
  • This reduces the need to introduce additional layers to enable fast interactive queries.

Advanced Analytics is coming into Azure Portal

  • We see Azure Monitor users are using both the Log Search page and the Analytics portal to accomplish their tasks. The Analytics portal offers advanced features, and we’re happy to announce it’s coming into Azure!


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