Azure Flash News Episode for 2018-08-10

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New locations for Azure CDN now available

  • Back in May during Microsoft Build, we made our own Content Delivery Network available to Azure customers. Building on our years of experience scaling enterprise-class services, opening up access to this vast amount of infrastructure previously not accessible to customers was a significant milestone for us. In line with our mission to offer the broadest possible range of choice and options when deploying and scaling your web apps using Azure, Microsoft’s own CDN was a natural expansion supplementing our world class partners Akamai and Verizon.

How Microsoft drives exabyte analytics on the world’s largest YARN cluster

  • At Microsoft, like many companies using data for competitive advantage, opportunities for insight abound and our analytics needs were scaling fast – almost out of control. We invested in Yet Another Resource Manager (YARN) to meet the demands of an exabyte-scale analytics platform and ended up creating the world’s largest YARN Cluster.

Announcing the public preview of Windows Container Support in Azure App Service

  • Windows Server Containers in Web App are now available in public preview! Web App for Containers is catered towards developers who want to have more control over what is installed in their containers.By supporting Windows Containers on Azure App Service, we enable new opportunities for Application Modernization:

    • Lift and Shift to PaaS – Ideal for customers interested in migrating .NET Framework and .NET Core applications to Azure, and going straight to a PaaS service to get the many productivity benefits from the App Service platform.
    • Applications with dependencies – Deploying an app within a Windows Container allows customers to install custom dependencies. Examples include installation of custom fonts or component libraries which must be installed into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
    • Relaxed security restrictions – When deploying a containerized application, the Windows Container is an isolation and security boundary. As a result, calls to libraries that would normally be blocked by Azure App Service will instead succeed when running inside of a Windows Container. For example, many PDF generation libraries make calls to graphics device interface (GDI) APIs. With Windows Containers, these calls will succeed.
    • Third-party application migration – Customers often have business critical applications developed by third parties with which the company no longer has a relationship. Containerizing these types of applications unlocks the opportunity to migrate applications to Azure App Service.

Now Available: Azure Sphere technical documentation

  • In April we announced Azure Sphere to the world. Since then, we’ve been pleased with the deep customer interest and engaging media conversations. This dialogue has been an opportunity to share Microsoft’s vision and commitment to an end-to-end, secured IoT platform and listen to feedback from partners, customers and consumers. Microsoft will continue to tirelessly advocate for IoT security that is not an afterthought. An IoT device must include security measures that span silicon, software and cloud from the moment that device is first conceived in a designers mind.

Linux on Azure App Service Environment now generally available

  • Interested in deploying your Linux or containerized web app in an Azure Virtual Network? The Azure App Service team is excited to announce the general availability of Linux on Azure App Service Environment (ASE), which combines the features from App Service on Linux and App Service Environment. As announced at the time of the public preview release, Linux customers will be able to take advantage of deploying Linux and containerized apps in an App Service Environment, which is ideal for deploying applications into a VNet for secure network access or apps running at a high scale. 


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