February 2017 User Group: Hop by Hop visibility to Azure and back – Notes and Download

Thanks to everyone that attended this meeting. Attached to this post are the PowerPoint from the session by Chris Bye. Download here:

Feb 2017 Meeting - Hop by Hop visibility to Azure and back (532 downloads)

Below are the details of this past meeting.

Title:  Hop by Hop visibility to Azure and back…

Description:  IaaS and PaaS grew 53% year over year and there is no turning back now.  As organizations large and small turn to Azure, they are going to want the comfort of seeing hop by hop loss, latency, jitter and availability across the Internet.   They have this visibility inside their WAN and they are going to demand it all the way to Azure.  As applications and networks fail, think about the current war rooms with the application, network and operations teams, now layer on numerous ISP’s and the Azure team…let the finger pointing begin.  Join us as we introduce the ThousandEyes team and they share how their customers are using ThousandEyes to drill down the stack to pinpoint the network, application, carrier or Azure issue within a couple clicks.